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Relieve Stress. Improve Health.
Experience Peace.

Relieve Stress.
Improve Health.
Experience Peace.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a non-competitive personal practice, and it is defined in the Yoga Sutras as being “the calming of the fluctuations of the mind.”  Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word for yoke or union, which can represent the union of mind, body and spirit. This can be most easily achieved by using breath, so classes are focused on using the breath to naturally open and explore the mind, body and spirit. This calms the mind, reduces stress and promotes strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga is unique to everyone. Beginners are encouraged to take that first step and join class. Everyone is welcome.  May you find peace and joy while exploring the mind-body-spirit connection.  Namaste.

Julie Recalde, Founder & Yoga Teacher

Julie Recalde, Founder & Yoga Teacher

Julie discovered yoga in 2012 and instantly felt a strong connection with the practice. The benefits she has experienced through yoga include better health, peace, stress relief and a fascinating mind-body-spirit connection.

Julie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Johns Creek Yoga in 2016.  She enjoys teaching yoga as a way to share a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. She loves teaching in a gentle manner where breath is the focus, offering options to deepen practice when students feel they are ready.  By listening to the body through the breath, the mind-body-spirit connection can be more easily explored.

Julie continues to learn as a student of yoga and a student in life. She completed her 300 hour advanced yoga training through Asheville Yoga Center in 2021. Additionally, she completed the Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program through Sevanti Institute in 2020. She also completed Level 1 Reiki training with Teresa Owen, Reiki Master in 2018.

Julie grew up in the Atlanta area and currently lives in Duluth, GA.

Private or Group Classes

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Julie's Gentle Flow class is exactly what I need to wash away life's stress. Her style of vinyasa gently synchronize movement and breath so my mind can just relax and go with the flow. My balance, strength and flexibility are much improved. With each class I feel a renewed sense of quiet connection, spiritually and physically. My yoga practice is now a regular part of my fitness.


Julie is amazing! Her classes are revitalizing and nurturing. She creates a space where you feel encouraged to reach your best practice but safe to go at your own pace and ability. She's thoughtful and insightful and the messages she shares each class are enlightening and uplifting. I can't wait for my next class with her!


Julie's Gentle Flow class is perfect for me! She structures the vinyasas to build in difficulty; I am ready for the next move. I have enough time to transition through positions with modest effort and focus on details and address challenges within. The short quotes are often thought provoking or enlightening. The quiet music is soothing and supportive. The practice ends with lightly-scented eye pillows, transforming me into a peaceful person for the rest of the day.


Julie has a very welcoming, calming and patient approach. She takes time to help beginners and experienced Yogis alike to get the most out of their class time. I really like that Julie's classes address both mind and body, with readings and advice that I take with me and use for the rest of the week.


Appropriate for all experience levels. My 8-year-old daughter and I love the family yoga class.

-R. Greene

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