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I’ve often pondered the idea of a family yoga retreat. I was surprised to learn that they are rare in the United States. For me, any yoga retreat is a glorious thing.  My first retreat was to Asheville, NC four years ago with my cousin and best friend Charu. We were excited about the prospect of a road trip to catch up while driving, and we couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves into a change of scenery. We were also excited about doing yoga while on retreat to relieve stress, embrace mindfulness and feel healthy.

Yoga with CharuIn many ways, that trip doesn’t seem too different from the retreat I’ll be hosting in May. Charu and I retreated to the mountains in the springtime (check!), we went on a hike (check!), we ate healthy food which we didn’t have to cook (check!), and we did some yoga (check!).  The big difference is that we did NOT take the kids.

A yoga retreat without the kids is a unique and wonderful experience. Everyone should do that at some point.  It’s a true retreat in the sense of getting away, recharging, and relaxing. An adult-only retreat allows for the time and space a parent (or anyone!) sometimes needs for rejuvenation.

I’ve discovered that there aren’t many options to experience a yoga retreat WITH kids.  In a way, it’s obvious why, for the reasons I mentioned above.  In terms of personal recharging and relaxing, yes, a true retreat is probably more possible without the kids.

But on the other hand, why NOT bring the kids?  Why not share the experience with them, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of yoga and nature alongside you? That’s where Unplug to Connect comes in.  It’s the first family yoga retreat Dahlonega Spa Resort has had in more than six years.

 What if for just one weekend the screens are put away while nature is embraced?

The big kicker for this retreat is the encouragement of savoring a true digital detox.  We’re talking very little use of screens and technology.  Imagine kicking off summer vacation with your kids in the springtime mountain air away from the city and traffic with a goal of using your phone for nothing more than taking pictures and videos.

More and more studies suggest strong addictions to technology in both children and adults.  What if for just one weekend the screens are put away while nature is embraced? After the experience, It could even start a new family trend of regular digital detoxes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the kids are growing up before your very eyes. Why not seize any opportunity you can to enjoy this time with them? Many options will be provided for the kids, and activities will be more specifically offered based on registrant preferences. Some options will be art, music, sports and games.  What would YOU prefer?

Family Yoga Retreat

My Asheville trip four years ago allowed me time and space to melt some stress on a very personal level.  I needed it, but I’ll admit that I missed the kids.  A family yoga retreat was always an interesting idea to me. The possibilities are endless. Think of all the cool stuff you can do once you put the iPad away! Mother Nature’s calling, and I don’t mean on the phone.

More about Unplug to Connect: The Blue Ridge mountains are the perfect backdrop for this rare family yoga retreat at Dahlonega Spa Resort in Dahlonega, GA happening Memorial Day weekend (May 26-28, 2018). Register by December 31 to save $75 per adult.

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