Gentle Flow – Online – Thursday @ 10:00 am




This live online Gentle Flow Yoga class focuses on a smooth transition of yoga poses connecting the movement with the breath while incorporating mindful relaxation, gentle stretching, and strengthening. No prior yoga experience is necessary, and modifications will be offered for those ready to deepen their yoga practice.

Upon receipt of payment, information to login using Zoom will be e-mailed to you.

If available, please have the following “props” nearby before class begins:

1 yoga mat
1-2 blocks (or sturdy, THICK hardback books without jackets)
1 blanket
1 strap (or a belt, tie, scarf or rope)
1 bolster (or sturdy/thick pillow)
1 eye pillow (or rolled-up t-shirt)

Class begins promptly.┬áPlease login 5 minutes before class time. Have your mat and “props” set up in a quiet, comfortable place where you have room to move around. Silence your cell phone and prepare to unwind.

Questions? Email or call (678) 720-8383.

Note: Age 13+ with accompanying parent, or 18+